Mens Shea & Aloe Lotion

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This product is an amazing combination of Aloe Vera and Refined Shea Butter. Aloe has long been considered to be a premier product for moisturizing and healing the skin while Shea Butter is thought to aid dry skin. MINERAL OIL AND PARABEN FREE.

Thomas J- a woody myrrh fragrance adorned with a touch of lavender, clove leaf, and patchouli set upon a bed of sweet musk. Very earthy and masculine

Sir Joseph- A blend of Old spice swagger with an Earthy blend of oakmoss and sandalwood with tonka bean, cedarwood, lemon and petitgrain. Men like this complex blend

Mister Christian- A blend of Axe Dark temptations mixed with notes of amber and rum with a light top note of musk and Bay. This smell is irresistible!

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